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   Useful tools to calculate magnetic surface flux and pull force.
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Why we set US$50.00 limit ?


You know, we are a Chinese retailer for magnets and magnetic products. The freight charge from China to other countries will be more expensive than that from your  local retailers. However, we can sell magnets and magnetic products at a fairly low price, because we located in Ningbo, China, which is one of main produce base for permanent magnet and realted products.


If the total amount of your order is less than US$10.00, you may find that you have to pay more money than buy it directly from your local online store, because of high shipping charge.

If the total amount of your order reaches to US$50.00, you will found you would enjoy huge savings when buying magnets and magnetic products at MAGPANDA store.

That’s why we set US$50.00 limit. The more you buy from our store, the more you will save.


May we give you an example?

If you buy magnets (N40, Disk magnets, D1/2″X1/4″, 250 pcs) from other online stores, you may have to pay as much as US$ 200.00

If you buy magnets (N40, Disk magnets, D1/2″X1/4″, 250 pcs) from MAGPANDA store, you only have to pay US$50.00.


If you find a lower published price for the same size, shape, magnet grade, and coating we will beat the price by 5%, or we'll send you a free gift. Your products cost reaches to US$50.00, if shipping costs are included in the competing quote, please feel free to tell us, we will give you 50% off and send you a free gift. Price must be current!


E-mail: sales@magpanda.com ; MSN: magnetpanda@hotmail.com; Website: www.magpanda.com
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